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Authorities Cash In As Solar Panels Installed Alongside Highways.jpg
28th November 2014
We have had 'Solar Freakin’ Roadways' before, now a highways authority in the US are leasing land to companies to use the road beside highways to generate free...
VIDEO Crappiest Bus In Town.jpg
27th November 2014
The UK’s first bus to be entirely powered by human food and waste has hit the highways, taking passengers from Bristol Airport to the historic city of Bath. The c...
INFOGRAPHIC Are You Ready For Winters Bite.jpg
27th November 2014
Nearly two-thirds of drivers (63%) do not check their anti-freeze, oil or water before setting off on a winter journey, a new Highways Agency survey reveals. The 2013-2...
Call For Out-of-hour Freight Deliveries 2.jpg
27th November 2014
For the sake of road safety and congestion, Cities are being urged to take pro-active action to help reschedule freight deliveries at off-peak hours. The 2012 Olym...
North Yorkshire Has 92000 Potholes Repaired.jpg
26th November 2014
Great news for North Yorkshire residents who’s ‘pothole misery’ will be replaced with fresh tarmac on roads and 92,000 less potholes on sixty kilometres of highway...
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