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Pickles May Force Councils to Build More Parking.jpg
27th August 2014
After a year of debate between local authorities and communities secretary Eric Pickles, the man has now revealed plans that could force councils into building new parki...
Scotland Gains Blue Badge Powers.jpg
26th August 2014
Scottish Parliament has passed the Disabled Persons' Parking Badges Bill which gives new powers to councils to crackdown on disabled parking space abuse. The new...
Wilson & Scott Get In Line With Customers.JPG
26th August 2014
In a bid to help improve their services to customers, Wilson & Scott, the national line marking company for roads, highways and car parks, have recently conducted a su...
You Wont Believe This Bus Stop Blunder.jpg
26th August 2014
As a road worker, you have an arguably tough time out in the cold and wet marking the road with paint. What should be the easiest part of the job however, is spell...
Carillion Walks Away After Final Rejection.jpg
22nd August 2014
When you meet someone you like, you would assume by the first rejection, they are just not that into you. Not so for Carillion, as they made three merger deals with Bal...
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