£10m flood defence scheme being built in Norwich

Article Posted on: March 16, 2017


A £10 million flood defence scheme is being built in Norwich after torrential rain caused huge problems in the city in July 2014.

Two inches of rain fell in just an hour. It was a storm that highlighted the inadequacy of the drainage system in Norwich, unable to cope with the sheer force of water.

With Norfolk identified as the 10th area most at risk of flooding in England, the Department of Transport has contributed more than £9 million to the new scheme which was started last year and will be completed by March 2018.

Five miles of pipes are being laid to take away potential flood water.

“The flooding in 2014 was excessive and dreadful for the people affected,” said Chris Alston, head of highways at Norfolk County Council. “This scheme will stop the flooding as best we can and take water away safely and cleanly into the river.”

Cath Jones lives in a road that was badly flooded. She recalls driving home from a shopping trip and seeing drain covers being blown out by the force of the water.

“It was a nightmare”, she said. “I had to abandon my car and walk home. People’s houses were being flooded and children were swimming in the flood water, not knowing what they were swimming in.”

Source: http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2017-03-15/10m-flood-defence-scheme-being-built-in-norwich/

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