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Article Posted on: February 6, 2018

Used as a part of a mix of products and services, low-cost preservation systems can help in the strategic asset management of local roads by improving the longevity of existing carriageways, so that much needed funds can be allocated elsewhere.

Working with asset management teams, BituChem wants to help local authorities get the full funding they’re entitled to by continuing to meet the Band 3 requirements of the Department for Transport incentive.  A part of which is considering the use of innovative systems that help with “life cycle planning” and “forward work planning”.

LockChip – HAPAS Approved Sealed Surface Dressing

Helps to prevent potholes – LockChip seals the road surface, preventing the ingress of water.

LockChip suppresses the dust created by conventionally surface dressed roads.

No more disgruntled customers complaining of stone chips to their cars – LockChip holds the chippings in place on newly surface dressed roads.

An “as new” road surface – LockChip blackens the road surface, giving the appearance of a newly surfaced carriageway.

What Cambridgeshire County Council said:

“Specifying LockChip has become an integral part of Cambridgeshire Highways surface treatments programme.

Each year selected sites are inspected with the BituChem team to assess suitability for the LockChip product.

This selection process means that the investment is targeted at ideal sites where the road users of Cambridgeshire will appreciate immediate benefits of the process.

The Term Maintenance Contractor, with the expert knowledge of the surface dressing contractor and BituChem are making a real difference to Cambridgeshire’s roads.”

Jonathan Clarke, Highway Maintenance Manager-Cambridgeshire County Council

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