56 new spaces at Retford station car parks

Article Posted on: September 29, 2016


The parking nightmare around Retford station could be eased as train bosses beef up spaces in car parks around the site.

The Retford Times understands that Virgin Trains East Coast, which runs Retford station. has invested around £220,000 to boost car park capacity, provide more CCTV coverage and improve lighting levels.

Work is almost complete with 56 spaces being added to the main car park, to the front of the station and in the area around the underpass.

Residents on the streets surrounding the station have had decades of problems with rogue commuters parking in front of their properties, sometimes for days.

Many are happy with the news of extra spaces, but they were divided on if they will make a big enough difference.

Dennis Fowler, 58, said: “Since the ‘residents only’ parking permits were brought in it has got slightly better so I hope these extra spaces will continue that.

“But at the back of mind is the fact that people will always look to park for free if they can – it could push the problem further out.

“But it’s good that they’re trying to tackle it. Good on them.”

The main car park – Retford Station North – has an extra 20 spaces, an area off the front of the station, which used to be wasteland, will provide eight more spaces and the south end of the station around the underpass has an additional 28 spaces.

When the Retford Times visited the area this week there were cars parked either side of Victoria Road, Station Road and Queen Street, allowing space for only single file traffic on long stretches.

Residential parking covers nearly the entire length of the roads surrounding the station and where it ends, at the bottom of Victoria Road, cars are packed in with others spilling onto Albert Road too.

Parked outside the station was taxi driver Richard Highfield, who thinks the move is a positive one.

“It should make a difference. The people it affects most are the residents,” he said.

“I know of people living south of the station wanting to catch a train who will sooner go to Newark because they’ve got a better chance of finding a parking spot. It’s six and two threes.

“Extra spaces will help the station grow.”

Commuter Regan Davies, 25, travels from Retford to London King’s Cross five days a week for work and was encouraged by the news.

“It’s what’s been needed for ages,” she said.

“I’ve had to get to the station sometimes an hour before my train leaves so I can get a space in the car park or on the front of the station.

“It’ll give more people the chance to park where they should.”

A private car park near the former Cattle Market pub on the Ordsall side of the tracks was opened earlier this year, providing 100-plus spaces too.

Work on the station’s parking is expected to be completed on Friday, September 30.

Bassetlaw MP John Mann said he welcomed the new spaces but added that more needs to be done.

“It’s a good thing and I’m pleased to see it happening – the more spaces, the better. I have been involved in discussions about this,” he said.

“It’s essential for securing the future of Retford Railway Station and more needs to come to ensure that happens.

“Business customers head to Newark because it has better parking, which obviously causes problems for maintaining train services to Retford.”

Source: http://www.retfordtimes.co.uk/end-of-parking-nightmare-56-new-spaces-at-retford-station-car-parks/story-29758087-detail/story.html

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