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24 September 2014
The Scottish people have voted! While the Queen ‘purrs down the phone’ to David Cameron this week, all authorities can look forward to new powers in the coming years.

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Rediweld BusPad

2012-06-08 15:46:41

Rediweld-BusPad_exploded.jpgBusPad provides a cost effective raised boarding area, enabling wheelchair and other users to have improved access on buses.


From experience gained and invaluable feedback from Disability Access Groups, Rediweld have developed BusPad, taking it to a new level.

Significant improvements include a fine leading edge removing any trip hazard, a shallow approach gradient from any direction, appearance and marking that aid intuitive use.


The BusPad is easily installed within an hour with no excavation and minimal disruption to travellers and costs typically a third of a conventional bus stop upgrade.

BusPad is bolted to the pedestrian walkway with fixings that consist of a Stainless Steel Coach Screw and Nylon Washer, Rediplug and Anchor Block (Black or White).

On wide BusPads, white blocks indicate the flat top area and on narrow BusPads all blocks are black.

By working closely with our clients, Rediweld has used its knowledge of processing recycled rubber and supplying traffic calming products, to produce an innovative product that has been tested and enthusiastically received by councils.

For more information contact Rediweld on 01420 543007 or click here


New Signing for Up To Speed

2nd September 2014