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Article Posted on: February 7, 2017


RHiNOPATCH® Product Overview

RHiNOPATCH® is a proprietary infrared road repair process suitable for all modern asphalt, macadam and surface dressing. It is a permanent and sustainable process that can be utilised for 40 mm depth surface repairs, joint failures, trench reinstatements, pavement defects around ironwork, potholes and wheel surface rutting. RHiNOPATCH® reduces the CO2 emissions associated with conventional repair methods by 76%.

RHiNOPATCH® is a sustainable BBA/HAPAS Approved road repair system that comprises an infrared heater and specialist rejuvenators. It recycles all asphalt material in-situ, eliminates jackhammer use and provides a joint free repair. It is an infrared road repair process that meets, and exceeds current government environmental and health & safety legislation.

RHiNOPATCH® is significantly more cost effective than traditional methods of road repair. No tipping costs, no waste certification, minimum purchase of new asphalt, no HGV asphalt deliveries to site, reduced compensation claims, and no return trips to previously executed repairs. The process is finished with an application of RHiNOPHALT® that seals and protects the reinstatement, and the addition of Rhinogrit provides initial skid resistance to the carriageway.


The site location was provided by Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA), which was an existing reinstatement that was of a typical construction method and condition. The site was on an industrial side distributor road between two busy carriageways, that took the occasional HGV traffic. The patch was flush against the concrete drainage channel and extended over a metre into the carriageway. The finished level was higher than the existing carriageway and the joints had already begun to exhibit signs of failure.

Initial Installation information, data and observations

The patch dimensions were 3.42m long and 1.42m wide, which calculated to three consecutive patches with the QP Industries heater. ASI completed the first patch to finished condition, the second patch to asphalt compaction and left the third patch to demonstrate the process from start to finish for the visitors. RHiNOPATCH® has a 7 stage process as follows:

1) Heat the asphalt to be repaired to the required temperature

2) Re-work the softened asphalt

3) Apply Rhinobinder rejuvenator and mix into softened asphalt

4) Add replacement asphalt material (both hot mix or cold asphalt can be used)

5) Level and compact the asphalt

6) Apply RHiNOPHALT® preservative

7) Apply Rhinogrit skid resistant dressing

ASI RhinoPatch Old and New

The demonstration showed that it took 10 minutes to heat the asphalt to a workable condition and a further 5 – 7 minutes to complete the patch. In normal practice, a 1m2 patch should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

As the original patch level was higher than the existing carriageway, some excess material had to be removed. This would have caused problems with rainwater flow to drainage, creating puddles on the road. Some burnt and flaky asphalt had to be removed as this would not have compacted into the new patch, and created a significant failure risk if left in the surface. The heater was placed 100mm over the existing joints that were showing signs of failure and we created fresh joints. This is a vital part of the process as it removes cold joints from the repair completely giving a seamless patch. Other types of repair do not do this and will therefore always be susceptible to premature joint failure.

RHiNOPATCH® is specifically designed to repair potholes, cracks and crazed areas, where there is always a deficit of existing asphalt. The heated asphalt is compacted to form a base, and the fresh asphalt is used as the surface course. During this demonstration it was necessary to remove some excess old and burnt asphalt, and introduce some fresh asphalt on the surface as we would recommend for all RHiNOPATCH® work.

The Rhinobinder rejuvenator introduces fresh maltenes and other essential oils into the aged and oxidised asphalt, returning it to a freshly laid (mixed) condition.

Treating the whole repair (including over the newly formed edges) with RHiNOPHALT® after final compaction preserves and protects the patch from oxidisation, it will also provide the other benefits associated with a standard RHiNOPHALT® treatment such as joint protection and resistance to chipping loss.

* All application rate and working method documentation can be supplied as a part of the installer training process

The demonstration was attended by Singapore LTA, Public Utility Board, Telecommunications and Private Contractors. LTA are looking to approve and regulate utility contractors using RHiNOPATCH®


LTA & ASI monitored the site over a 6 month period post installation.

ASI Period


The site has been monitored and inspected over a 6 month period since the RHiNOPATCH® was installed. We have demonstrated that an asphalt pavement permanent patch repair can be installed quickly (circa. 15 minutes) and have long term performance benefits to the client.

There are no signs of distress, such as aggregate loss, in the patch and the joint between the existing pavement is still sealed tight. Joints are integral to the performance of any asphalt repair as you are introducing an access where water can get into the pavement and cause structural course failure. By sealing the patch and joints with RHiNOPHALT® we have provided a long life permanent patch repair.

Further information on RHiNOPATCH®, Rhinobinder, Rhinogrit and RHiNOPHALT® including technical data and case studies are available upon request from ASI Solutions Limited.

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