ASI Solutions | The 5 Reasons RHiNOPHALT® is right for you

Article Posted on: July 17, 2017


RHiNOPHALT® from ASI Solutions is the only BBA HAPAS and CE Marked cold spray-applied surface penetrative preservation sealer.

There 5 main areas that RHiNOPHALT® is currently being used in the UK and internationally:

  1. Long term asphalt preservation;
  2. End of Life asphalt extension;
  3. Water Ingress reduction;
  4. Holding damaged or exposed asphalt areas from rapid deterioration such as joints;
  5. After white line removal or fine milling; Aesthetics

1) Preservation


Preservation Examples: Highways – M40, A1(M), M11, M20, A69, A50, Newcastle City Council, LB Merton. Test Tracks – BMW, Mercedes, VW, Volvo, Audi, Bosch

The primary use for RHiNOPHALT® is as an asphalt preservative. RHiNOPHALT® works its magic by sealing in the light oils that provide flexibility and cohesivity in bitumen. These oils are the first parts of the bitumen that are released during oxidation through the action of UV light and water on the material.

As the bitumen becomes harder, micro cracks are formed in the mortar and at the interface of aggregate and bitumen in the mixed material. As water and UV light penetrate these cracks the ageing begins in earnest and will lead to aggregate loss and subsequently, potholes.

This leads to increased, unplanned interventions and costs- not to mention the safety aspects- and complaints by the road user to the Local Authority or Highways England. For the best results, the application should be as close as possible to the installation of the new material. Asphalt ages very quickly initially and then begins to slow, unfortunately, the initial loss of the lighter oils cannot be undone. It is important to take a long-term view as a small initial uplift in cost will pay dividends in the long run.

2) Extension “End of Life”


Extension Examples: Highways – M5/M6 Junction, Staffordshire, Hampshire. Airports – Heathrow, RAF Marham, Manchester, Birmingham, Airbus Harwarden, BAe Systems Wharton

RHiNOPHALT® is also used as an end of life treatment. It is used in this manner by airport operators as they cannot afford to have FOD (Foreign Object Debris (aggregate)) present as it can be drawn into the jet engine inlets.

On highways, this aggregate loss is the first sign of failure and when road maintenance budgets are continually reducing it allows you to keep the surface in a safe and useable condition for longer.

This approach has been used by Staffs and Hampshire extensively and also by HE on the M5 Western arm when a capital project was 18 months away with potholes forming almost daily due to drainage issues. RHiNOPHALT® is incredibly tough and will significantly reduce aggregate loss whilst also sealing many of the minor cracks that are present by the time this type of failure occurs.


3) Water Ingress Reduction

Water ingress into certain areas of pavements and structures can result in the pavement materials having to be removed and replaced. This could be due to design or wrong materials used in construction/maintenance.

RHiNOPHALT® is proven to significantly reduce porosity without adversely affecting texture or grip. It will attenuate the inflow of water into the pavement structure and therefore significantly reduce the flushing up of water from below, back to the surface. This is being undertaken by Eurovia on a bridge deck in Hounslow next month.


Water Ingress Reduction Examples: Ningbo G15 elevated sections, Ningbo Elevated Eastern Ring road, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Hounslow

4) Holding damaged or exposed asphalt areas from rapid deterioration such as joints; after white line removal or fine milling


Holding Examples: UKH M40, Manchester, Heathrow, Phnom Penh airports

RHiNOPHALT® provides improved integrity to the areas that have been damaged.

For example, on highways the white line removal process during lane reconfiguration during roadworks damages the surface and exposes the previously covered joints.

RHiNOPHALT® protects these damaged areas and has the added benefit of sealing the joint that was present beneath the lining, and is now potentially in the wheel track.

5) Aesthetics


Aesthetics Examples: Asda, McDonalds

RHiNOPHALT® is natural bitumen based and as such, is black. It can be used to significantly reduce ghosting/shadowing after removing white lines.

It is also being used in car parks for short term effect to highlight changes to the parking bay configuration.






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