Berry Systems | Industry affected by lack of space-refurbishment solutions

Article Posted on: February 8, 2017


Being based in the West Midlands, Berry Systems are only too aware of how difficult it can be for companies to expand and develop their businesses. Geographically, space is limited which is why businesses are being encouraged to seek out temporary solutions for manufacture and storage in hope of reducing the barriers to entry for the region overall.

This claim was made by a Coventry and Warwickshire Board as the need for new and additional space has been identified, having recognised an increase in demand for more industrial premises. For new businesses wishing to access this market, new sites must be developed in line with all UK Legislations; traffic and access control systems, traffic barrier solutions and pedestrian fencing should be incorporated to help maintain the expected high standard associated with the industry.

However, it appears that current businesses wishing to expand have been encouraged to seek temporary solutions in order to allow for new business growth. These temporary solutions can be costly and may infringe their current processes and procedures also running in line with UK health and safety standards; a long-term solution can be provided that may be more cost-effective moving forward.

Berry Systems able to provide the essential safety products required on commercial and industrial sites that are tested to EN1991-1 and fully compliant with UK legislations. Their crash barrier systems, pedestrian fencing solutions, speed restraints, access controls, bollards and racking and column protection systems can be implemented accordingly to ensure all stock and machinery is consistently managed on site, particularly when vehicular activity is high. These systems help create a safe and structured working environment that is able to ensure all areas of site are utilised efficiently; these physical systems can help maintain the structural integrity of the site and heavy duty impact solutions can be introduced to avoid damage against HGV’s and forklift trucks. Berry Systems are the official UK distributor of SlowStop bollards; these systems are specifically designed for industrial premises as their high-visibility and flexible design makes them the ideal stock and storage protection solution. To complement Berry Systems product offering, they provide a bespoke design service and an on-site consultancy service meaning your exact safety and aesthetic requirements can be met.

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