Berry Systems | Winter affects ‘Off-Highways’

Article Posted on: January 9, 2017


Our winter weather conditions in the UK have been extreme when compared to the mild season experienced in 2015; harsh icy blasts and temperatures as low as -10 have made our car parks, building sites and industrial yards unsafe for workers, pedestrians and operators. With these conditions significantly affecting road users, increased efforts to alleviate damages to highways are introduced.

However, similar precautions are needed throughout the ‘off-highway’ market, particularly when traffic and pedestrian volumes are high. HGV’s and forklift trucks operate daily throughout commercial and industrial sites and with an increased pedestrian footfall, the risk of damages automatically increases. Combined with these icy blasts, site infrastructure and access roads can deteriorate, therefore weakening the structural integrity of the building and its surroundings.

Having wall and floor Rubber Protection systems and speed restraints placed throughout the site can help reduce damage caused to site, assets, machinery and ultimately personnel, upon impact. Icy conditions, limited sunlight and reduced visibility can cause workers and operators to lose control whilst performing tasks within the workplace; with these factors being out of an employer’s control, systems must be put in place to ensure a safe working environment is maintained all year round. Spring steel crash barriers should be ideally located in and around site to help reduce damages upon collision. A variety of post and barrier systems are available, meaning protection from HGV’s and forklift trucks can be provided; these harsh winter conditions are forecast to continue through 2017, so implementing solutions to help keep personnel safe at all times is critical. All Berry Systems’ products are tested in EN1991-1 making them fully compliant with all UK legislations; bespoke solutions can also be created, by their in-house design team, to meet your exact safety and aesthetic requirements. Our pedestrian railing solutions, staircases, gantries and our range of parking posts and bollards are also fully compliant making them essential additions in all applications.

As specialists in the development of off-highway crash barrier systems and members of the Hill & Smith Holdings Infrastructure Products Group, Berry Systems able to give accurate and experienced advice on all systems and how they should best be applied. This winter has been somewhat unpredictable and essential precautions aren’t always taken where high vehicular and pedestrian activity is combined. Reducing speed limits, increasing visibility throughout site, protecting perimeters and infrastructure and providing critical walkways for personnel are just some of the most basic, yet vital and consistent solutions needed within the ‘off-highway’ market.

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