Bristol Airport gets permission to build two car parks at once

Article Posted on: September 22, 2016


The authority’s planning and regulatory committee gave the airport permission to alter the phasing of work to create 3,650 new spaces within its Silver Zone car park at a meeting on September 14.

The council originally gave the airport planning permission to expand in 2011, but the permission insisted work on the Silver Zone car park could not begin until the first phase of a multi-storey car park was built.

However, the airport’s chief executive officer Robert Sinclair said increasing passenger demand meant the works to extend the Silver Zone car park needed to be brought forward.

Mr Sinclair told the committee: “These applications simply seek to vary the phasing of development which has already been approved, with no additional car parking spaces.

“We simply need more flexibility to adapt the phasing of development.”

The proposals were criticised by resident Hilary Burn, who lives near the airport.

She said: “The airport has been aware of the growing need for car parking as passenger numbers have been increasing since 2012.

“We have to question whether the airport intends to ever build the multi-storey.”


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