Crown Highways | Investing in cloud software for improved health and safety

Article Posted on: January 16, 2017


Crown Highways has invested in improving health and safety by choosing HANDS HQ, a cloud-based software provider for creating project-specific risk assessments and method statements.

HANDS HQ launched in 2013 to help prevent extensive admin getting in the way of effective health and safety.

Risk assessments and method statements (RAMS) are usually created with Word or Excel, where the starting point is copying an old document or extensive copy and pasting. This leads to generic documents that take a long time to create and have lots of irrelevant information, making them difficult to read and comprehend.


Mike Dale, General Manager of Crown Highways told us:

‘The new HANDS HQ software makes all our risk assessments and method statements look professional for our clients and saves critical time for our staff when compiling RAMS for projects. We can now create RAMS in half the time enabling our site teams to concentrate on delivering projects.’

HANDS HQ has tackled these issues by creating a simple yet powerful web app where you only include activities, risks and hazards relevant to your project. You get a project-specific document in a branded, consistent layout that is easy to read for everyone in a fraction of the time.


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