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Article Posted on: April 19, 2017


Despite now being in the market for over 7 years and having supplied hundreds of kilometres of temporary barrier solutions to every corner of the UK, some customers and clients remain sceptical as to whether the Delta Bloc DB 65S temporary barrier can perform the task frequently carried out by steel temporary barriers.

Recently, Delta Bloc were called to attend an Interserve site located on the M1 at Junction 45 where they are supplying circa 2km of temporary barrier to facilitate junction improvements. The call came following a high-speed collision whereby an errant vehicle had veered from lane 3 of the motorway directly into the Delta Bloc DB 65S, positioned at the verge, at a severe impact angle. The vehicle eventually came to rest in the wire rope central reserve.


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From the information received regarding the impact, and from the measurements taken on site, the barrier performed exactly as it was intended and the dynamic deflection was consistent with that of the EN1317-2 positive crash test performed during the systems development.

Gallery: The damaged Delta Bloc DB65S after withstanding the high impact collison.

There was no breakthrough of the barrier chain and only minimal damage caused to the string, meaning Delta Bloc were able to attend the site the same night to realign and make good the string.

The TSCO on site commented:

“It’s the first time I have had an impact whilst using the Delta, and I have to take my hat off to it, it’s done its job. I was sceptical at first but having now seen the result of an impact I have to say I’m impressed!”

Gallery:  The Delta Bloc Uk DB65S utilised in the central reservation of the M1 Smart Motorway, Junctions 28-31.


Simon Chadwick, Interserve Traffic Management Manager added “I am more than happy with the performance of the Delta Bloc DB65S product and the response time to inspect and replace the damaged material. I have no doubt that the testing process works which is why we continue to use Delta Bloc products.”

Unfortunately, Delta Bloc UK cannot take every customer or client to witness the crash testing of their products in development and unless you are unfortunate to have an impact on one of your schemes you will not get to witness the impressive performance of their temporary barrier systems in use.

However, rest assured the latest convert is one more to add to a long list of admirers who will have no hesitation in using a Delta Bloc temporary barrier on their sites in the future.

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