DTM Traffic Management | Considerate Constructors Scheme Bronze Award Winners

Article Posted on: December 2, 2015


DTM Traffic Management solutions are proud to announce they have been awarded with the Bronze Considerate Constructors Scheme 2015 National Company Award.

DTM Traffic Management has been working hard to ensure they have shown the highest levels of consideration towards the public, its work force and the environment. They have attained this award by adhering to the high standards of the Considerate Constructors five-point Code of Considerate Practice.

The award shows that DTM Traffic Management has performed beyond compliance in the following five sections of the scheme:

  • Care about Appearance.
  • Respect the Community.
  • Protect the Environment.
  • Secure everyone’s Safety.
  • Value their Workforce.

The Considerate Constructors scheme stated the following:

“DTM Traffic Management solutions has played a fundamental role in improving the image of construction and is a credit to the industry.”

Kevin Lyons, General Manager of DTM Traffic Management solutions added:

“We are very proud of our achievements this past year and feel like we have earnt this reward. We set ourselves very high targets across the business and appreciate when they are acknowledged. We would like to thank Considerate Constructors for the award and we will be aiming even for higher standards next year.”

The high standards and targets DTM Traffic Management set for themselves has already pushed them forward and with an upgrade and expansion of their current fleet. They are showing early on that they want the improvements.

There will be five new traffic management vehicles that will help improve the safety of the workforce, increase the efficiency of fuel consumption whilst reducing our carbon footprint and they will also improve the appearance of the business.

DTM Traffic Management are taking clear and planned steps to improve the business and are pushing very hard for an even higher standard that they already provide.

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