Ennis-Flint | Water vs Solvent Based Traffic Paint

Article Posted on: July 27, 2016


Ennis-Flint has a wide range of paint products suitable for a variety of climates, specific project needs and performance requirements. As one of the first companies to move away from lead-based pigments that often are incorporated into paint products, we look for more sustainable products to sell that are less caustic to the environment.

Water based paint is preferred by most for that very reason – but is solvent paint still something worth buying? Let’s find out.



Although both water and solvent based traffic paints offer useful advantages, the disadvantages of solvent based paint can often outweigh the benefits. The impact on the environment, the safety before, during, and after application, and the proper disposal of the paint required are all very critical elements to consider before using solvent based paint.

As technology continues to advance, we are looking to move farther away from the use of harsh solvents in favour of water-based paints that offers all of the same
benefits with none of the harmful disadvantages.

Want to learn more? Contact Ennis-Flint today on 01257 225 100 or at info@ennisflint.com. Or, visit the website at www.ennisflint.com to learn more about the water based traffic paint products Ennis-Flint offer!

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