Eurosigns | The IceAlert System

Article Posted on: November 24, 2016


IceAlert is a new ice early warning system from Eurosigns, which can be used in any outdoor area. The signs are particularly useful for car parks, depots, railway stations, hospitals or any area that has a footfall.

The signs work by having a temperature sensitive blue reflector, which gradually revolves into sight when the temperature reaches 2°c and by –1°c is in full view. It requires no power and is virtually maintenance free.

As well as keeping people safe an IceAlert System could minimise the risk of costly personal injury claims. The IceAlert system can also make up part of the employers ‘Duty of care’ charter to their employees.

Eurosigns have had quite a demand for these and with winter rapidly approaching orders are expected to increase.

To place an order, simply get in touch with Eurosigns today on 01934 421 404 or email:

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