Eurovia Surfacing | Considerate Constructors win for Eurovia Infrastructure Ltd

Article Posted on: December 6, 2017

Left to right – Dave Bojko, Alex Robinson, Ryan Thompson, Jack Hatton, Scott Jaycock, Bill Deards, Tony Sexton, Mike Carr, Gifford Morris and Pau

Eurovia Infrastructure Limited (EIL) has won a Silver Considerate Constructors Scheme 2017 National Company Award.

The awards recognise the highest performing companies and suppliers that have demonstrated excellence in relation to the community, the environment and their workforce.

Two EIL schemes were monitored as part of the assessment process. The first was a Eurovia Surfacing project involving 1500m of patching and resurfacing works to a country lane in Suckley, Worcestershire in preparation for full re-surfacing works next year.  The scheme involved road closures during working hours whilst still providing access for a handful of residential neighbours, a fruit farm and a nursery.

The second scheme was a single day Eurovia Contracting South joint sealing project within a residential estate in the central Essex town of Witham as preparatory works for re-surfacing.

The award was presented to Business Manager Paul Kidd, IMS Manager Bill Deards, Operations Managers Mike Carr and Dave Bojko, Contracts Managers Alex Robinson, Scott Jaycock, and John Hatton, Surfacing Supervisor Gifford Morris, Supervisor Ryan Thompson and Assistant IMS Manager Tony Sexton at a ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel, London on Friday 3 November 2017.

Bill Deards, IMS Manager who managed the assessments for EIL said: “We use the Considerate Constructors Scheme to help drive improvement across our sites. We are delighted to have received a silver award especially as the schemes monitored were of very short duration. Great credit goes to the workforce involved.”

Neil Huntington, Regional Director of Eurovia Contracting and Surfacing said: “This is another great result for both Contracting South and the Eurovia Surfacing teams who continue to work very hard together to deliver the high levels of compliance required under the Considerate Constructors Scheme.  Well done to all those involved”.

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