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Article Posted on: May 19, 2017


Photo: Safety day at Ringway Worcester

On 18th May 2017, Eurovia UK held its 5th International Safety Day which not only brings together all divisions and businesses within our group in the UK but all the business units worldwide in Eurovia SAS, in the six Delegations in France and the 16 Countries of Eurovia SAS in South and North America, Europe and the Far East.

The International Safety Day sees 38,000 employees from the different Eurovia SAS companies around the world all sharing in safety-themed activities which encourage employees to focus on safety and consider how they can make a difference. Events of the day included hard-hitting safety films, a multitude of interactive workshops and supplier engagement, all rounded up with interactive presentations, workshops and events hosted by our Divisional Managers and their management teams, with the support of our Health, Safety and Environmental Advisors.

The key themes and messages for this years’ International Safety Day highlight occupational health and the importance of employee well-being as well as plant and vehicle operations. The messages and feedback are captured and shared across the global businesses to promote and encourage a safer working ethos, continuing to ensure that the safety of Eurovia employees and all those affected by its work paramount at all times.

The mission statement for this years’ International Safety Day is Everyone’s Responsibility. Everyone’s Safety.

For more information please visit the Eurovia UK website
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