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Article Posted on: December 8, 2016


Highway Care, WJ and Highways England collaborate to demonstrate innovative solutions in successful ‘Road Worker Safety Showcase’ at Highways’ Seeing is Believing (SiB)

Highway Care demonstrated alongside key collaborators WJ and Highways England at SiB event, Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire. Opening the event was former Transport Minister, Dr Stephen Ladyman, who discussed the importance of the industries thought and skill in keeping traffic on the roads moving.

With Highways England’s clear focus on new technologies, through a £150 million innovation fund, Highway Care reinforced its commitment to improving road safety through innovation, showcasing a number of safety enhancing products from their flagship BarrierGuard 800 to compatible autonomous products; SoSec Highways Access Gate, SwiftGate Mobile Automated Taper and introduced the latest Red X Light Arrow Impact Protection Vehicle (IPV).

Watch the latest Innovations from Highway Care

Highways England, Chief Executive, Jim O’sullivan recognised the significance of SIB and importance of being able to view products in action and in Highway Cares’ case actually test it, saying;

“For people to see them and understand them and use them will make a significant contribution to our safety performance”.

Highway Care’s collaboration with WJ and Highways England produced an interactive showcase:

The ‘Road Zipper Experience’ From Highway Care effectively demonstrated quick and efficient processes of lane closure, using a series of automated technology; developed to protect road workers and prevent incursions into the works area. Visitors were able to climb into the Barrier Transfer Machine (BTM) and reposition the barrier with the assistance of experienced instructors from Highway Care and Lindsay Transportation Solution’s.

The lane closure allowing access for larger machinery into the works area provided the perfect working conditions for WJ to demonstrate their innovative ‘WJ Guardian’; a method of road stud installation designed to remove vulnerable operatives from the carriageway.

The Highways England Speed Awareness was a more eye-opening experience, where visitors lined up behind the barrier to gauge real life conditions working on a fast-moving motorway.

Among exhibition visitors was BBC radio presenter, Helen McCarthy, who was eager to take the Road Zipper Experience and to see how quick and easy it is to move a positive barrier herself.


Listen to BBC Presenter Helen McCarthy full interview with Highway Care, Highways England and WJ.

Road minster Andrew Jones praised this year’s Seeing is Believing (SiB) Event stating,

“I strongly believe that events like this help us to share ideas, make contacts and debate the future of the industry… delivering a better maintained and safer highway network. That’s what we all want to see”.

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