Highways England: M25-M3 restrictions lifted ‘as soon as possible’

Article Posted on: July 26, 2017


Highways England said it expects to remove all the remaining restrictions at junction 2 / junction 12 when the Smart Motorway upgrade opens fully

Lane restrictions on the M3/M25 slip road are set to be lifted as soon as possible, according to Highways England.

Camberley resident, Graham Perry, said he and many other drivers had been stuck in queues as they battled the morning traffic.

He said driving northbound to junction 2 and joining the M25 towards Heathrow was proving troublesome with a lane currently coned off.

He questioned when the work would be completed, as motorists continue to endure lengthy queues – as they have for a number of years.

He told Get Surrey: “In the morning, it’s mission impossible, because although the new four-lane M3 has its two left-hand lanes signed as dedicated to the Heathrow turn-off, the actual turn-off slip road when you get to it is coned down to one lane and the two lanes have to merge into one.

“The resultant queues go back miles, and the M3-to-M25 clockwise journey in the morning is nigh on impossible.

“The cones and lane restrictions on the M3/M25 exit slip road have been there for months, and no work seems to be being done.”

He continued: “While the ‘old’ M3 had just one lane designated for Heathrow as you approached the junction, it was no problem, now it’s a slow-down to walking pace for two lanes while they merge and the flow of vehicles is severely restricted.”

Mr Perry described the new Smart Motorway as “just about unusable” in the mornings until the work is completed.

A Highways England spokesman said: “We’re expecting to remove all the remaining restrictions at the junction when the smart motorway upgrade fully opens to traffic.

“We’re working hard to achieve this as soon as possible and, we do appreciate drivers’ patience in the meantime.”

Highways England recently announced the first Smart Motorway emergency “refuge” area was being trialled on the M3 Smart Motorway near Camberley.

The redesigned emergency area has a highly visible orange road surface and if trials are successful, more upgrades are planned.

Source: http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/m3-smart-motorway-works-m25-13385250

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