HTM | CN Award to Raise Awareness for Homeless To Highways

Article Posted on: March 20, 2017


Highway Traffic Management has been working with the local charity St Basils on the ‘Homeless to Highways’ since November 2016.

So far, as a result of the homeless to highways partnership scheme, HTM have given full-time employment opportunities to 4 new recruits through the charity.

Highway Traffic Management have successfully proved that this is a process that could easily be taken on by others within our industry, to give opportunities to those who have fallen on hard times but have plenty to offer in terms of attitude, work ethic and ability to learn and apply new skills. Marcus Casey of HTM said:

“It’s not been plain sailing since we started the process but the progress that has been made in a few short months has been more than worth it. We have decided to put ourselves forward for an award with Construction News as we’re extremely proud of what we’ve managed to achieve in giving these men the platform to rebuild their lives- an opportunity that they’ve all taken with both hands.”


Photo: HTM staff at the St Basils ‘sleep out’ fundraiser in Birmingham

Why the Construction News Award?

HTM feel that if they won this award, it would not be just recognition for HTM as a company- but recognition for the entire ‘Homeless to Highways’ scheme, St Basils and everyone else involved. The company believe that in winning this award, the whole scheme will gain further acknowledgement and credibility to allow and inspire other companies to see how simple and easy a concept it can be to help reduce the social issue of homelessness and open doors for other people to take the steps back into employment and away from homelessness.

Everyone who has had any involvement with this scheme has given it their full dedicated efforts and truly believed in the end goal and the potential benefits to individuals and for the wider economy.

HTM hold a desire to now recruit at least 5 new employees a year via the scheme, displaying their belief in and dedication to the concept, and the individuals involved that they can help. HTM feel that acknowledgement from this award would show recognition to the individuals who are committed to changing and enriching others’ lives.

Marcus concluded:

“Ultimately, we want other TM providers, as well as anyone in the highways sector to see what we’ve done, and be inspired to get involved and provide similar opportunities to the individuals St Basils are helping. We can testify first hand that working with St Basils and the guys we’ve employed is nothing but positive for all involved.”

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