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Article Posted on: December 14, 2016

Front Mounted Jetpatcher™

The new Jetpatcher™ front mounted system

Innovative Patching Solutions in one place for every application

Jetpatcher™ New Zeland has been acquired by UK investors.  Jetpatcher™ will fall into a separate division of the nu-phalt group™ based in Rugby who are the leaders in Road Repair for Urban and Rural roads. The owners of nu-phalt™ acquired the business this month.

The Spray Injection System that became Jetpatcher™ was invented 25 years ago in New Zealand by Jim Turnball. It has become the world leading brand in Spray Injection Patching. With over 500 machines manufactured, and sold around the world in over 40 countries, this makes Jetpatcher™ the largest provider of Patented Innovative Patching Equipment.

Jim Turnball recognised the opportunity for growth around the world working with the UK Model and will be an active member of the new business over the next few years to offer his in-depth knowledge and experience.

Jim told us “this acquisition will be of great benefit not only to the development of the products we manufacture, but to the Highways Engineers within the UK and rest of the world. It will allow us to work with them and develop tools to work in conjunction with their asset management strategies.”

So what’s in store?

The newly formed company will see an investment of £2 Million over the next 2 years. Including a state of the art factory, Investment in Equipment, Specialist training into new and existing employees, development and advancement in software and technology.

The acquisition will allow for future expansion around the world and will bring together two world leading brands. The group will have the most comprehensive Innovative Patching solution for every country with both nu-phalt™ (Thermal Repairs) and Jetpatcher™ (Spray Injection Patching)

Jetpatcher™ have recently secured a continental deal for 500 machines worth over £20 Million, and are working with existing agents and distributors over the next 12 months to develop and hone their respective business plans.


The Jetpatcher™ is a Spray Injection System that has a rear mounted system that includes a hopper which contains aggregate, the product is drawn through a 5.1m Umbilical hose, where it is coated in emulsion and sprayed into the defect. Over the years Jetpatcher™ has focused on research and development to keep their system a market leader. They now have a new addition to the fleet which is a front mounted system.

The best tool in the box!

nu-phalt™ and Jetpatcher™ will be working with UK and Overseas clients to ensure that they continue to offer the best value bespoke products to the market place.

The solutions from the nu-phalt™ and Jetpatcher™ form some of the best tools for Highways Engineers around the globe.

Steve Smith Managing Director of the nu-phalt™ commented “This acquisition is something that makes me proud of where we have come in the last 3 years. We have invested a lot of time and expense into developing a range of innovative patching solutions for the industry, this now gives us a whole new opportunity to contribute to the Highways infrastructure.”

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