Jetpatcher™ launch cost saving Pothole Solution

Article Posted on: December 15, 2016


The New Front Mounted Jetpatcher

Jetpatcher™ have launched their latest innovative concept to their range of Patching Solutions.

The solution from Jetpatcher™ now allows the client to select a product/service to suit their budgets and requirements. This means that there is now a solution for almost any application when using spray injection patching techniques.

The Jetpatcher’s™ front mounted system can complete the average repair in just a couple of minutes and enables a single operator to carry out a significant number of defects per day. As there is just one operator for this process it enables cost to be reduced where budgets may need to be given a helping hand.

There is no waste created or need to go to landfill, no excavation to the existing road surface when carrying out the repair, only new material is added and mixed. This gives huge environmental and economic benefits when using either the front or rear mounted Jetpatcher™ system as well as a cost effective solution for Highways Maintenance

Although with a front mounted Spray Injection Patching Process some versatility and production outputs are reduced, in certain programs of work this can be more cost effective.

The range of Innovative Patching Solutions from Jetpatcher™ gives substantial savings against conventional repairs. Thus allowing the client to maximise their Asset Management Strategy.

You can find out more about the nu-phalt™ and Jetpatcher™ solutions by clicking the links below.


Alternatively, if you would like a free demonstration then email us

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