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At Airstar we believe in energy-efficient lighting solutions for industry that reduce environmental impact and save on costs at the same time as increasing quality and productivity. Fit and forget solutions that respect all relevant lighting norms and can even improve on them.

See clearly. Work better. Protect people.

In industrial environments that involve a variety of different task situations luminaires must be robust efficient with a low index of failure. Airstar’s products for industry are the ideally suited for environments that suffer from vibration because of the solid materials used in their construction. For specific tasks that require high standards and requirements it is necessary to apply an independent lighting solution that you can easily install into the production infrastructure. The ideal solution is a flexible luminaire that will allow you to work in a safer smarter and more comfortable environment by choosing the type of light you need.

Need safe light outside?

Security and safety are vital factors to consider for outdoor areas. An important aspect to consider is that area lighting should not become obstacles for the activities performed around the working place so choosing the right solution is key. Airstar’s products for industry give the public a safe and comfortable environment.

Want to guide people?

Good visibility is key to avoid accidents involving both other vehicles and pedestrians.
Airstar’s products for industry can do so much more than illuminate and show the way. They can enhance form and function improve safety and security and create flexible spaces that adapt to specific tasks.

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