‘Make London’s main roads 20mph and let cyclists go left through red lights’

Article Posted on: December 5, 2017

Transport for London should consider cutting the speed limit on parts of the capital’s main road network to 20mph to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists, a report said today.

TfL also came under pressure to investigate whether cyclists should be able to effectively go through red lights when turning left.

The recommendations are made in a report from the London Assembly transport committee. But they have caused a row at City Hall, with the Conservative and UKIP groups both opposed to either suggestion.

Today’s “Hostile Streets” report says Mayor Sadiq Khan needs to do more in the suburbs if he wants his “healthy streets” policy encouraging Londoners out of their cars to be successful.

It said TfL should carry out trials in outer London to “find ways that 20mph can be self-enforcing on main roads and at busy junctions”, and for motorists to be warned they could be prosecuted for breaking the lower limit.

Last year 12,251 motorists received notices of intended prosecution for breaking a 20mph limit in London. Many borough roads are 20mph and TfL has some trials in inner London.

The report said TfL should research proposals in British Cycling’s Turning The Corner campaign, which wants cycle lanes that bypass traffic lights. It also wants a duty placed on motorists to give way when turning, as exists in countries such as Holland and Denmark.

A total of 9,718 pedestrians and cyclists were injured on London roads last year, with 76 per cent of the incidents happening at junctions.

Source: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/make-londons-main-roads-20mph-and-let-cyclists-go-left-through-red-lights-a3709266.html

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