Meon | Launching new HAPAS Approved Pothole Repair

Article Posted on: August 9, 2017


Potholes are a blight on the country, with several initiatives being undertaken to raise awareness and give a spotlight on the issue. BBA have been set up to help businesses and organisations supply the construction industry with products, systems and installers of the highest quality.

Meon have been working hard to ensure that HAPAS certification can be met for cold-lay pothole repair product and have launched (8/8/17) Patchmaster H570. Products that are HAPAS approved have undertaken rigorous and strict independent testing through bodies such as the BBA (British Board of Agreement) to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’

MAGMA PatchMaster – Pothole Repair System from Meon on Vimeo.

PatchMaster H570 enables permanent fast highway repairs, enables increased productivity and reduces disruption to road users, in all weather conditions. Designed specifically for small-scale repairs, the modern binder technology enables quick, effective repair of carriageways all year round. Faster completion times improve productivity and avoid disruption to road users. Patchmaster H570 is proven to work the first time, on time, every time, Because Roads Matter.

You can view more information here


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