Meon | The Zirocco Surface Dryer: Innovating The Road Marking Industry

Article Posted on: December 4, 2017

As the Winter time fast approaches and the weather gets colder, windier, and wetter, line marking jobs are slowing down. This is due to the inability to mark damp or wet surfaces, as the surface will not be able to provide the right conditions for the product’s adhesion.

This can have a large effect on our roads, as reinstatement jobs will be less likely to get completed, reducing the overall safety of the surface due to old markings with low-visibility. As well as this, the line marking industry slows down, as jobs become sparser.

A machine has recently been innovating the line marking industry, as it allows line marking jobs to carry on as usual throughout the Winter months, completely changing the game. Working in many different environments, such as roads, airports, car parks, and outdoor facilities, the Zirocco is flexible and beneficial to almost all line marking jobs.

One of Meon’s customers already using the Zirocco surface dryer has reported zero working days lost this Winter, all thanks to the machine. On rainy days when they would normally have to stop/postpone their line marking job, they have simply used the Zirocco to dry the surface ahead of laying the markings.

As well as drying the surface, the Zirocco also pre-heats it as it goes. This not only means skipping out a step for many line marking jobs, but it speeds up the curing process of the paints laid, making the project noticeably faster.

The Zirocco Surface Dryer brings turbine technology and state-of-the-art mobile electronic controls into surface treatment for the surface marking industry.

In Meon’s latest blog, is a list of the top 5 reasons you need a Zirocco 

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