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Article Posted on: February 2, 2017


Since it was established in 2012, Mobile Visual Information Systems Ltd (MVIS) has made a name for itself in the trustworthy delivery of innovative ITS systems to help the road network to operate more efficiently and safely.

MVIS works in partnership with traffic management organisations, supplying bespoke ITS solutions created by sister company, Bartco UK, and has a strong reputation for reliable delivery.

Such confidence does the company have in its proven reliability, that its corporate strapline is, “Trust MVIS”, with each letter of the word “trust” representing a core MVIS value:  Temporary, Reliable, Unique, Solutions and Technology.

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Said managing director, Pat Musgrave:

“We’ve spent five years building a business that, time and again, has given our customers precisely what they needed, exactly when they needed it, whether that be individual pieces of ITS equipment or more sophisticated, bespoke integrated solutions.

“Not only that, but our team has been on hand to give customer support 24/7, providing technical training in the effective operation of MVIS’ systems and emergency support when it’s been required.  The operations and customer service departments work around the clock to ensure that customers’ needs are always met.

“I’ve lost count of the number of customer accolades the team has accumulated over the years.

“We feel absolutely confident that we can say to anyone, straight-up: “Trust MVIS”.  It’s not a throwaway line, it’s a commercial guarantee that we stand by absolutely.”

MVIS’ solar powered solutions incorporate monitoring and visual information equipment, including VMS signs manufactured in the UK by Bartco UK.  Other products incorporated in the company’s solutions are ANPR and CCTV cameras, radar and Intellicone contactless sensor technology.

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