New roadside parking bays in Plymouth leave road too narrow for cars

Article Posted on: August 9, 2016


New parking bays on each side of a city street leave no room for cars to get through when they are full.

The residential road in Plymouth, Devon, has long parking bays stretching down either side of the street, next to the pavement.

While bikes may fit down the street, cars definitely do not

While this may sound like a good idea, the parking scheme in Cross Park Avenue actually means that the centre of the road is now just a few feet wide – leaving the road totally unusable if the bays are filled.

One local blasted the council, saying: “It’s bonkers. We need to park, but we need to use the road too.”

Another resident said: “Now cars can park both sides, but how the hell are you meant to drive in the centre?

“It’s funny yes, but once again the council is wasting our cash and taxes.”


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