Nu-phalt | Utilizing Toolbox Talks for career goals

Article Posted on: January 25, 2017


Nuphalt are committed to supporting the career development of their people through continuous learning.

Utilising toolbox talks and development platforms they provide opportunities for their employee’s to develop new skills and experiences, helping them to achieve their career goals.

This includes giving their workforce the opportunity to learn and grow professionally through regular training and proven career development tools, as well as the transfer of best practices, knowledge, and technology across our businesses.

Nuphalt understands that the future success is dependent on the teams they have around them. They work on developing and training both new and longstanding employees. Their investment in professional development and technical training programs allows them to nurture the next generation of talent, by ensuring their people are well equipped to meet the challenges which arise at different stages of their careers.

Operatives from the Nuphalt group met up for a 2017 toolbox talk on Friday 20th January to discuss the year ahead, documentation, health & safety along with new operational procedures.

Richard Wakeman the group HSEQ manager joined the Operatives for the toolbox talk, He commented:

“Working closely with the guys and making sure that they have all the tools to do the job and a complete understanding of the ever changing legislation is imperative to the success of the business”

Richard who was joined by Sonny Singh, Keith Flinn and Phill Lewis encourage the group to communicate and meet on a regular basis.

Nuphalt pride themselves on expertise and service. The regular meetings and toolbox talks allows the continuous development of the teams.

The Group offer a wide range of Innovative and Tradition services, Sonny Singh (Operations Director for Nuphalt Contracting) told us:

“We offer such a wide range of solutions for asset management it is a must for the business to train and develop the team, from operatives to management, we work together to bring new ideas to the table, problem solve and keep a fresh view on our current products and services”

Nuphalt continues to develop new ways to work more closely with their clients such as Local Authorities, and main contractors, to offer a unique service that helps improve the network and maintain the assets within them.

If you would like to learn more about the Nuphalt group and the solutions they offer please contact

To find out more about the products and services watch the videos below.


Nuphalt Contracting from HighwaysIndustry.Com on Vimeo.

Jetpatcher – Spray Injection Repair from HighwaysIndustry.Com on Vimeo.

Nu-phalt Thermal Road Repair from HighwaysIndustry.Com on Vimeo.

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