Plans for new multi-storey car park in Station Road West in Canterbury to be discussed

Article Posted on: July 1, 2016


Plans to build a new multi-storey car park to solve commuters’ parking woes in Canterbury will be discussed tonight (June 30).

A recommendation has been put forward for £5million to be made available in the city council’s capital budget for the construction of the car park at Station Road West.

Detailed design work will be undertaken and a planning application submitted in ‘due course’ should plans move forward.

It follows a public consultation on parking and transport issues in Canterbury, which revealed the increasing demand for parking by the station.

A report due to be discussed by the regeneration and property committee said the existing Station Road West car park, which has 129 spaces, regularly reaches capacity.

“This additional demand is a result of increased rail usage at Canterbury West Station and the popularity of the St Dunstan’s area as a retail and leisure destination,” the report said.

“The policy and resources committee agreed at its meeting on February 24 to increase capacity by a minimum of 140 spaces (a single deck) and a sum of £3,211,000 was allocated in the capital budget for this purpose.

“Further work has now taken place using contractor Willmott Dixon to consider the practicality of expanding a single deck structure in the future, as well as the cost of constructing a two-deck structure which would provide approximately 400 spaces.

“The Willmott Dixon feasibility report states that because of site constraints, expanding a single deck structure in the future by adding a second deck would require the closure of Station Road West road for a considerable period of time – this could be up to six months.

“Closing this road would cause significant access difficulties and, as such, if it is decided to construct a single deck structure, it should be on the understanding that future expansion may not be feasible.

“In view of this, Willmott Dixon has now produced a detailed cost plan for the construction of a two-deck multi-storey car park and the cost is estimated at £4,850,000.

“The next stage to be undertaken would be the detailed design of the multi-storey structure prior to the submission of a planning application.”

The overall cost – including a temporary car park during construction – is estimated at £5million.

The report added that demand for parking from those using Southeastern services and visitors to Canterbury will increase meaning a single deck car park would reach capacity in 14 years.

Tonight’s recommendations will be reported to the policy and resources committee on July 13 and full council on July 21.


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