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Article Posted on: August 1, 2017

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Next generation Traffix tail-lift vehicles set new standard

As the UK’s leading temporary traffic and event management company with a  reputation for an innovative and refreshing approach, Traffix constantly strives to create even better solutions and outcomes for their customers.

As part of this philosophy, Traffix has recently added twelve new generation dropside TM vehicles to their fleet. These state-of-the-art vehicles are the first tranche of an expansive update to their TM vehicles. A further thirty two are on order including crew cab variants and all based on the 3.5-tonne Vauxhall Movano chassis.

Developed in conjunction with specialist vehicle body builders Bevan Group, product development and innovation is evident in the specification of the new vehicles. Significantly, these are the first Traffix “dropsiders” to be fitted with tail-lifts – 500 kg column units by DEL, with maximum-width platforms fabricated from mesh to reduce drag while on the move.

Historically Traffix have used trailers to transport their portable traffic light systems. However, by utilising the more efficient V-groove side raves introduced in place of the previous floor-fixed lashing rings, they have developed a bespoke stainless steel racking system. This way the light posts can be carried vertically on the vehicle, having first been locked into place.

The addition of the tail-lift meant there was no longer room for arrow boards and light bars, a challenge which was overcome by fitting two pairs of strobe lights in recesses at the tops of the specially designed tail-lift pillars. The result: increased illumination.

Other features include Bevan’s patented “Safe-T-Drop” system, which is designed to eliminate any risk of a fall from height by operatives working on the vehicle bed. The impact-resistant “Safe-T-Drop” rails are easily folded away for loading and unloading. Raising the dropsides is a quick and easy process; they can only be closed with the Safe-T-Drop rails in place, ensuring the correct use of the rails at all times.

Traffix Operations Director Derek Vinning is responsible for their fleet of 110 trucks and vans, the vast majority of which are 3.5-tonne dropsiders. Derek commented: ‘We worked closely with Bevan Group to develop the design and specification of our dropsiders, it’s very much a two-way process.

‘Through a process of elimination we’ve gradually been able to shed vehicle weight, moved from traditional bulbs and halogen lighting to more effective flashing LEDs, and now fitted Bevan’s “Safe-T-Drop” as standard. It’s a fantastic system and very reassuring, unlike conventional removable side rail bars, it’s impossible for an operative to forget to use it.’

Derek continues: ‘The new tail-lifts are also safer for our operatives than the previous trailer design. The fact that the traffic light posts are now carried on the vehicle itself means we can deploy our equipment faster, this is a real advantage when we’re responding to a call from the emergency services.’

Derek adds: ‘We’re not the only traffic management company using tail-lifts, but we are the only traffic management company using vehicle’s equipped to such a high specification. As far as I am concerned we have an unrivalled fleet of vehicles.’

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