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Article Posted on: November 7, 2017

Bespoke software allows a company flexibility in their operations and daily checks. Triangle Software can tailor mobile software systems to the exact needs of their clients- ensuring each and every one of their customers has a system individual to themselves.

There’s no ‘off the shelf’ builds from Triangle, and this is exemplified by their ability to produce unlimited forms within their software systems and applications, meaning their clients can adapt and alter their systems alongside any business, or legal changes.

Forms may include vehicle check sheets, site arrivals or site risk assessments – and can be added, altered and duplicated within a mobile system at any time. Alterations may include layouts, questions and information updates. Options such as photos and checkboxes can also be added or removed as requirements change.

The adaptable nature of a software system with unlimited forms means that with any changes in government legislations, your investment in your system isn’t wasted or dated. Forms can simply be altered, questions updated, and information bulletins changed accordingly.

A bespoke Triangle Software system will enforce the workflow within your company, in that all of your checks and daily sheets are logged and sent instantly – increasing efficiency, removing any ‘corner cutting’ and providing consistency within your operations.

With a client base that includes Chevron, Costain, WJ, TMS, Wilson & Scott and Tarmac – amongst others, Triangle Software are already proven within the highways sector and are ready to help you take the next step in efficient, paperless working.

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