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Article Posted on: April 19, 2017


Safety has been built into Unipart Dorman’s traffic product portfolio since its introduction over 50 years ago. The key principle of everything they do at Unipart Dorman starts with understanding the customer need – and follows on through design and product testing, to their manufacturing processes, where the most important link in the chain is the skilled operators who build their products from component level to full assembly at their facility in the North West of England. Unipart Dorman are justifiably proud that their ethos of manufacturing excellence, driven by an overriding safety culture is deeply embedded within the business.

Only using high quality suppliers and a digital tracking system within the factory delivers complete traceability. The ‘Model Line’ is an innovative approach to manufacturing developed using the Unipart Way tools and techniques of in depth analysis of the process to identify and then sustainably eliminate waste. The whole operation from delivery of individual components to the line, through assembly and test to pack and despatch is digitally monitored and gives complete visibility across the business – which in turn enables Unipart Dorman to save money and time but also to respond quickly and accurately to the ever changing customer need.

Unipart Dorman products have always had an excellent reputation in the marketplace, based upon their reliability, quality and high level of safety integrity borne of the very best design and manufacturing capability. This is validated regularly by customers and regulatory institutions carrying out factory audits and from their extensive use of independent test houses and Notified Bodies during the compliance elements of introducing a new product to the market.

Unipart-Dorman-Manufacturing-Excellence-1Continual Improvement

Manufacturing Excellence has been key to achieving Unipart Dorman’s leading position in LED road safety solutions. Their customers look to them to provide the valuable resource and insight necessary for them to deliver enhanced road safety measures which save lives. Unipart Dorman are committed to continual improvement and it is deeply embedded in all their processes, from design through manufacture, to delivery and after sales support. Pivotal in this approach is the implementation of lean manufacturing and six sigma business management strategies which allow them to improve manufacturing processes whilst eliminating defects.

People Make the Difference

Business continuity is crucial to maintaining the supply chain and Unipart Dorman is justifiably proud that well over 25% of their team have attained 20 year service awards and they see this ability to retain highly skilled employees as a key to their success. Unipart Dorman have been awarded the accolade ‘Best in Unipart Group’ for their Health and Safety culture and they have a world beating Employee Engagement Programme which delivers excellent development opportunities for their team members and ensures their most valuable asset is looked after.

Unipart Dorman’s capabilities include: Manufacturing, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Design, Software Engineering, Optical Engineering, Procurement and Logistics, Quality Management, Lean and Continuous Improvement.

Service Features

– A dedicated team of mechanical, optical and electronic engineers

– In house prototyping using 3D design and construction techniques

– Compliance testing and certification against UK and international standards

– Provision of comprehensive product training and support material

– State of the art manufacturing facilities

– Complete customer engagement at all stages of the product lifecycle

Your Operational Benefits

– Cost effective design and manufacture drives increased productivity which allows Unipart Dorman to react immediately to market demand

– Unipart Dormans commitment to a collaborative approach with all of their customers delivers reliable, high quality products that meet their aspirations on cost and delivery

– As a vastly experienced supplier of safety critical products with guaranteed performance in the harshest environments, Unipart Dorman products can be relied upon to deliver

– UK based design, manufacture and support delivers maximum product availability. In the unlikely event of faults occurring, their UK manufacturing base and dedicated Installation and Support Team consistently deliver return to service times that are significantly shorter than competitors whenever and whereverthey are used

– Using a high level of recyclable materials from locally based suppliers wherever possible, coupled with energy saving technology significantly reduces the environmental impact of Unipart Dorman products, especially when compared to competitors who buy in and sell on overseas built merchandise

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