Velocity | Investing In Capacity To Help Tackle Potholes Backlog

Article Posted on: January 13, 2017


Road repairs specialists Velocity have invested in their fleet to help tackle the growing backlog of potholes on the UK’s road network.

As more local authorities and maintenance contractors look for innovative approaches to the problem, the spray-injection patching technique pioneered by Velocity is increasingly helping to deliver effective asset management strategies despite severe fiscal restraints.

Velocity patching delivers permanent road repairs at a fraction of the cost of traditional patching methods, with each repair costing just one-third of the price. The rapid nature of the technique means that up to 200 repairs per day can be carried out by each machine, helping to tackle the backlog.

The cold-applied process seals defects, preventing water ingress and further deterioration. Damage to the road structure is prevented by compaction of the new material from the bottom-up, keying in to the existing surface.

The new additions to the fleet have been designed and built by Velocity at their own factory in Sunderland to meet increasing demand in the UK.

Dominic Gardner, Velocity’s managing director: “More and more, customers choose Velocity to help improve their road network efficiently and cost-effectively.

“The increasing demand from our existing and new customers drove the decision to continue to invest in our fleet, building new machines that we know from experience suit the demands of our customers in terms of quality, reliability and safety.

“This ensures that we are able to maintain the responsiveness that our customers need, whether that’s for intensive recovery programmes from adverse weather, or planned maintenance throughout the year.”

Now in its twentieth year, Velocity pioneered spray-injection patching and works with local authorities and term-maintenance contractors throughout the UK. Fully compliant with National Highways Sector Scheme 13, all of Velocity’s operators follow comprehensive in-house training programmes and are NVQ qualified.

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