Velocity | Preventative road repair approach pays off for Buckinghamshire

Article Posted on: January 23, 2017


Road repair specialist Velocity helped to prepare Buckinghamshire’s roads for the winter weather, working closely with Transport for Buckinghamshire, a private/public sector partnership between the County Council and Ringway Jacobs.

In a six-week programme thousands of potholes and defects were tackled in a preventative approach designed to avoid defects from deteriorating during the current cold weather.

The programme followed a four-month planned maintenance project that saw over 13,500 potholes and defects permanently repaired by Velocity on rural, urban and residential roads throughout the county.

Velocity pioneered spray-injection patching, an innovative method for permanently repairing defects. Unlike traditional techniques, Velocity’s repairs are cold-applied, spraying emulsion coated aggregate into defects at high velocity, compacting from the bottom-up creating a perfect seal with the existing surface.

Each repair takes just two minutes, when it is ready for traffic immediately. The state-of-the-art machines, which are designed and manufactured by Velocity in Sunderland, are completely self-contained with a capacity to carry out up to 200 permanent repairs per day.

According to Velocity’s Leon Ryan, the technique produces significant savings. “As well as the productivity advantages of Velocity patching, the cost of repairs is a third of that of traditional patching methods. And because the repairs are permanent, they won’t need replacing again by spring next year.

“The work we carried out helps to make sure that Buckinghamshire’s roads are in better condition for winter, proactively tackling defects that would otherwise create a bigger problem.

“The materials that we use are designed for specific conditions. Now, we’re using our specially developed cold weather materials, and have been carrying out repairs throughout the UK all winter.”

TfB Operations Manager Jason Parfitt said “Velocity is cost effective and efficient. We need a mixed approach to pothole repairs in Buckinghamshire, to account for the different types of road surface and varying traffic flows, but Velocity has provided us with a great solution to defects, particularly on the more rural roads in the county.”

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