A report had previously recommended that average speed cameras could help with the reduction of pollution on the stretch of road, and the Welsh Government have confirmed that idea is still being considered.

A spokesman said: “The 50mph speed limit on a section of the A494 has been implemented to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels which are currently above legal limits.

“Enforcement is currently approached in the same way as other speed limits on the trunk road network.

“However, Welsh Government officials are continuing discussions with the police and GoSafe about the most appropriate method of enforcement going forward including the possibility of installing average speed cameras to help ensure 24 hour a day compliance.”

The Welsh Government has not said whether the 50mph limit will become permanent in future.

They have said that the temporary limits, which were also introduced on a stretch of the A483 in Wrexham, will be in place until the roadside monitoring has established the effectiveness of the limits.


Source: https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/unusual-reason-average-speed-cameras-16343628